Grocery Shopping

Cody and I are driving to Ft. Worth to take Boston to his routine checkup with his Metabolic Doctor, Dr. Alice Basinger, and his Dietician, Lanie Coffey, and I thought I haven’t updated y’all on life with Boston lately.

  • Boston was eating great and then all of a sudden he hated food, now we are back to loving food. (Ugh, if he only knew how hard this made life for us) ha!
  • He has an attitude
  • He is jabbering away
  • He is running everywhere; including into walls.
  • He is giving hugs

So you know, just your typical 17-month-old things…sweet one minute and then a Tasmanian devil the next.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I wanted to do a blog on grocery shopping because when Boston was first diagnosed with PKU and I went grocery shopping for the first time, I cried. It was BEYOND overwhelming! Here I was in a place full of food and my kid couldn’t eat any of it.

I was just looking in all the wrong places.

So let me help you!

  1. The gluten free isle is your new best friend. I buy the majority of his snacks there.

(Here is pic of some of his favorites)


  1. SO DELICIOUS products are literally delicious; they make coconut milk, ice cream, yogurt, all things PKU peeps can have. (See your How Much Phe app) –> If you don’t have this, you need this…it is life changing.
  2. Can food isle is my second best friend. No judgment. I’m a working mom and I do the best that I can. The Good Lord knows I’m not a cook, but I try. But during the week for lunches and dinner we do a lot of (sliced potatoes, corn, green beans, carrots, mushrooms, pears, blueberries.) I’m the worst at going to the store so whatever takes longer to expire; I’m all about it.
  3. The fresh produce area. I truly love this isle because I feel like I have free range. It’s like a playground of food for Boston. We love our fruits and Veggies! I did want to tell you that cauliflower crumbles are a HUGE hit in our house. I just sauté them in a pan with olive oil, and he loves it.
  4. I buy a lot of things from Cambrooke and PKU Perspectives. We get our main meals from there such as (Mac and cheese, Spaghetti, corny dogs, veggie nuggets, etc.)


When we go out and eat we pretty much stick to baked potatoes, green beans, corn, fries or whatever we bring from home. You have to be careful when eating out because they make a lot of things in butter.

I know we feel like there are a lot of things our PKU loved ones cant eat but really I feel blessed to live in a time where there are SO MANY options for them.

I hope this helps restore some hope in you again if you are dreading the grocery store.


Just a reminder because everyone reading this needs to hear it:

Your doing a great job, this adjustment is hard, and just when you think you have your toddler figured out they will change again…just remember this too shall pass.

Best advice I ever got was God equipped YOU to be this baby’s momma, no one else, YOU. He entrusted you with this precious gift. Thank you Amy Bunch for that.

Now I want to share that great piece of advice with you!


We have now arrived home from Ft. Worth and Boston had a successful checkup, he is developing right on track. Praise the Lord! We celebrated with a day at the Zoo and we all had a blast, everything was “dis, dis.”


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  1. Chelsey,
    I always love reading your blogs. I know there is always someone out there that is needing to hear your blog. You are an inspiration to so many. As I have said before “I’m so proud of you & Cody. You are great parents. ” And, I’m so thankful for that God chose us to be Biston’s parents & grandparents! Love him to pieces”


  2. Someone commented earlier about what donuts were in the above picture and I think it somehow got deleted. I am so sorry, I have a little one who gets his hands on my phone. They are Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten-Free donuts! 🙂


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