Toddler Trials

Do you ever look around at all the other kids doing things and think why isn’t my kid? I’ve decided that whether you have a PKU kid or not, comparison is inevitable.

Why wont my kid drink out of a sippy cup?

Why isn’t my kid walking yet?

Why doesn’t my kid say that word?

Should my kid be off baby food by now?

All the million questions that surround every Mom and Dad at some point, but I feel we (PKU caretakers) overanalyze day in and day out.

Well I am here to put some of you other PKU Mom and Dads at ease:

  • Boston is 15 months & just recently walked at 14 months.
  • He still drinks his formula out of a bottle.
  • He pretty much HATES his sippy cup.
  • He eats a lot of the same things everyday.
  • I just recently took baby food away from Boston because I had a hard time getting in his phe without it.


When we are at restaurants I feel like people are looking at us like, why is that toddler still on a bottle??


I’ve talked to lots of other PKU friends who have dealt with these same issues. SO I am here to reassure you that our kiddos will grow up to be perfectly healthy, so who cares if he/she is 4 and still drinking their formula from a bottle—at least they are drinking it. Which is the most important thing for our sweet babes.

We can’t be so hard on ourselves as parents; I mean after all we still have teenage years ahead. 😉

I wanted to share what Boston currently eats so it may help you as you are preparing your toddlers meals.

Main courses:

  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Sautéed zucchini and squash
  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • French fries
  • Tater tots
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Vegan egg
  • Pears (fruit cups)
  • Peaches (fruit cups)

*We try a lot of fruits, but his diet is so bland that he sometimes finds them too sweet. He will love them one day!*


  • Lil crunchies
  • Grabber (fruits)
  • Honey graham crackers
  • Gluten free pretzels
  • Veggie straws
  • Dried fruits

These are just a few things we LOVE at the current moment, so I thought I would share it with you!

Best of luck through the toddler trials…