PKU Shirts / Thanksgiving

I know I have been MIA for a while I was working extra hard to get PKU STRONG and BOSTON STRONG #pkuawareness shirts made for our sweet babes. Of course you can still purchase them through Dec. 30th. Here is the link:


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday because I think there is nothing more valuable than time spent with your family; to just sit still and be grateful for all of life’s blessings, and of course to eat. 😉 This holiday season I find myself being extra thankful.

  • Thankful for newborn screening
  • Thankful for a formula that allows my little one to live a “normal” life
  • Thankful for how much phe app
  • Thankful for low protein foods
  • Thankful for Cook for Love
  • Thankful for social media and its outlets with PKU
  • Thankful for our dietician & metabolic doctor
  • Thankful for our pediatrician
  • Thankful for my family’s health
  • Thankful for this blog
  • Thankful for my precious PKU boy

When Boston was first diagnosed with PKU I dreaded the thought of Thanksgiving.

I was afraid that a holiday centered around food would become my biggest nightmare and his greatest disappointment. I’m not a cook. My husband and I basically live off frozen foods and eating out. So the thought that I would have to go out of my way to prepare a meal for him scared me.

Now granted he is only 14 months old so regardless he wouldn’t eat much but I still wanted to make him feel included on this special day.

So for his thanksgiving meal I made the cook for love recipe: mashed potatoes, for everyone. It was trial and error –I think it definitely helps to have russet potatoes like the recipe calls for. It was a little different for everyone else but he LOVED them. MOM WIN!

My takeaway for all you parents who also struggle with cooking is “try and fail, don’t fail to try.” Make this holiday just as special for them as it is to us. The thought is what matters most. Never give up on trying new things for your PKU kiddo. One day you will get it right and it will feel like you hit the lotto.

Go to to register for all kids of wonderful recipes! I know I saw some people talking about an amazing hot chocolate recipe. Cant’ wait to make it for Boston one day.

Happy Holidays, Love the Barretts!