For I Know The Plans I Have For You

“You can make plans, but the Lords purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21

I’m a planner, a little OCD, and total Type A personality.

It’s a blessing and a curse.

When I was pregnant with Boston, I wanted to prepare myself for everything. I bought all kinds of medicine, books, had all the newest and greatest technology, I was overly prepared for this baby.

But then he arrived and everything wasn’t peachy.

Everything wasn’t perfect like I imagined.

He suffered a rectal perforation at birth from a rectal thermometer. He was then rushed for emergency surgery at 23 hrs. old. He then had a colostomy bag for 2 months. AND just when I thought we were going home from that horrible ordeal we got a call about Boston’s PKU test being abnormal.

Angry is an understatement.

Faith shaken is an understatement.

Emotionally unstable is an understatement.

I thought to myself how could all of this happen to us when all of my friends are having their babies and taking them home?

I had planned to bring my baby home in about 3 days.

I had planned to have a perfectly healthy baby with no visible scar.

I had planned to have a baby that could eat whatever he wanted.

SO when my plan in my mind wasn’t what God had in store for me. I struggled.


Everyday I ate something that I knew Boston couldn’t eat and I felt helpless.


Boston’s PKU made me not want to eat, I felt guilty eating things I knew he never could.

Everyday my husband came home from work and I was crying about how unfair this was to be happening to us…I had changed a colostomy bag twice because poop was leaking all over the place. I was afraid to leave the house with him because it would be a poop frenzy. Then I was struggling with his PKU diagnosis. That was probably the hardest.

The best thing I ever did was finding other PKU moms.

They gave me hope.

They gave me someone I could relate to.

That was God.

Boston is such a joy to be around.

Boston literally lights up the room with his smile and demeanor.

That’s God.

The outpouring of love and support from our friends and family.

That was God.

So maybe life wasn’t what I planned.

It’s SO MUCH better than I ever imagined.

That doesn’t mean for all you newly diagnosed moms that I am minimizing what you are going through because it’s hard and still is hard at times.

I just want to offer you hope and faith like other moms did for me.

Our babies are special and God handpicked us.

He called the equipped and he entrusted us to care for these PKU babes.


When I think of all the alternatives with Boston I feel really blessed. We could have brought him home from the hospital without knowing he had a rectal perforation and he would have died within 48 hrs. from sepsis.

If we had denied the newborn screening test we would have never known Boston had PKU and how to manage his diet and he would have suffered irreversible brain damage.


Take the time to witness Gods miraculous blessings, because while you are busy making plans you may miss your purpose; you might miss your calling.


“For I know the plans I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11







4 thoughts on “For I Know The Plans I Have For You

  1. Wow, Chelsey!! God has entrusted you and Cody with wisdom and courage. Your testimony is real and inspiring. Your Mom sent me several photos by text of your precious Boston; healthy and happy; placed by God in your lives. Your message reminded me of the focus Scripture from Beth Moore’s latest Bible study entitled Entrusted based on Paul’s 2nd letter to Timothy who was like a son to him. Paul said, O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you.” God could trust you and Cody with Boston. Love you, Kathy Clark


  2. Chelsea, these are words that EVERY parent needs to hear!!! What an amazing testimony you just shared! God couldn’t have picked 2 other people to take care of and love Boston like you and Cody!! Love you girl!!!


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